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Thread: Is this in the right format?
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I'm now totally confused by all this. According to an email I sent to
myself, my header says

Now no one has (as yet ) complained that my emails are in the wrong
format, and as can be seen it has automatic 'quoted-printable' plus
some conversion by my ISP outside of my control, but then I also have
my email client set to NOT include the received message in any reply,
perhaps this is why I don't see any problems.
< /> > :-)

Are you a terrorist?
Whoops. Wrong thread .... :-)

Your emails are in the wrong format ! (I am a terrorist?)
I never "complained" because until now it was a mystery. Yours are in the
set of emails that do not insert nice ">" (or even ugly ">") in front of the
senders message when I reply to them. This is (apparently) because your
messages are "quoted printable". Why this causes this effect I have no idea.
Until someone pointed it out I had never suspected the cause.

           Russell McMahon

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