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Thread: Winding inductor for 2 trans. LED blinker
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> *>> There still has been no response from any inductor
> *>> gurus here about building a good analogue inductance
> *>> meter?
> *>>
> *>> Surely all it needs is an oscillator using the
> *>> inductor under test, and an analogue meter showing
> *>> freq which is then calibrated in uH??
> *>
> *>This should be able to be done very well using a processor with A2D and
> *>little magic.
> PICs can measure frequency directly, much more accurately than any A/D
> availlable today.

I didn't make myself clear - what I meant was that that inductance should be
able to be measured by a processor based method, not that you would
necessarily directly translate the analog method.

eg something using V= L di/dt with a comparator detecting when current
reaches a certain level. Inductance is then inversely proportional to time
to trip point. Probably doable with not too much more than the processor.
(And probably exists as a practical circuit on a dozen websites already?)


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