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Thread: MPLAB IDE 5.7 (16-bit) : MPASM Relocatable code
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[Was gonna make this Offlist, but, what the heck ...]

Nic (probably didn't really) say

   <DIV><BR></DIV>Hi there,<BR><BR>I am not sure what the fuss is about ,
is it
   because I use Microsoft Software or is it because I did not catch the
rule of
   plain text messages that is obscured somewhere in the unsaid rules you
   have. <BR><BR>,

I didn't see the rest of this exchange but the following may be useful.

Olin is the self appointed keeper of propriety here (somewhat akin to the
role of the bald eagle on "The Muppet Show".) It's a terrible job to have
but someone's got to do it - if he does we don't have to and we can sit back
and criticise instead :-) . He is more often than not correct in the points
he raises but more often than not he also finds rather obnoxious ways to put
his opinions on such matters. He also happens to be a really knowledgeable
and helpful and all round useful guy and he fits inside the range of normal
on this list and we accept him as he is and love him and feel warm and fuzzy
about him (as we do about all the family here) while constantly also trying
to soften his more extreme behaviours and chip off some of the rough edges

The rules are actually written ones - although you are not liable to be shot
for transgressing them occasionally - just mauled by Olin :-). They are
listed somewhere on the PICList website probably under netiquette or
similar. The rules are there for a reason although how necessary the reason
is varies by person and circumstance. This lists serves around 2000 people
and has 100 +/- messages a day. That's a large amount of bandwidth. (I
personally am quite happy with HTML. I'm less happy about character sets
that don't behave at this end the way they did at the sender's end. I
personally also dislike efforts by M$oft to take over the world, but that's
a minor issue.)  - but there is a wide range of software in use here by
people with many operating systems, many different means of connection
(cable/dialup, faaaast/56k/slower/much slower / much much ...). Some people
have strict limits on the amount of email they are allowed to accumulate in
their mailboxes. Some people are unable (or unwilling) to avail themselves
of M$oft's largess, free browsers and dearer and dearer O/Ss. If you are one
of the people who have a non HTML browser on a non M$oft O/s, with a dial up
very very slow connection and a minimal mailbox allotment then the PICList
could be one of the most resource expensive lists you could subscribe to.
HTML alone makes a factor of two difference at least and sometimes many
times that. If the result of people sending HTML is not only extra bandwidth
but messages that read like this -

   <DIV>Subject: Re: [OT]: MPLAB IDE 5.7 (16-bit) : MPASM Relocatable
   <DIV><BR></DIV>Hi there,<BR><BR>I am not sure what the fuss is about ,
is it
   because I use Microsoft Software or is it because I did not catch the
rule of
   plain text messages that is obscured somewhere in the unsaid rules you
   have. <BR><BR>If Olin thinks I was arrogant to sent in MIME format I am
   cause I thought everybody keeps up with technology and does not stay in
the days
   we worked in DOS. But in anycase thanks for the answer at least someone
   me.<BR><BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Nic Scheepers<BR><BR>--<BR><A

then you may be able to understand their annoyance.

Plain text IS the international mailing list standard that we can be certain
that (almost) everyone can handle. (Those with Baudot teleprinters are out
of luck).

Apart from that, keeping up with the latest technology is something many of
the people here do like to do but in their chosen areas. Being forced to do
it in unnecessary areas, as M$oft would like them to, tends to be resisted
by a number of the free spirited souls here.


       <STRONG> Russell McMahon </STRONG>


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