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Thread: SX programmer
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> You don't have to specify the fuse and fusex words on the command
> line they are part of the .hex file. (Those are the correct settings)

I left them in the command line, although I realise you put them in
if you want to over-write those in the hex file

>  It is definitely getting into programming mode, it is quite good at
> checking things. However I noticed that the hard-wired read-only DEVICE
> word is showing FFF. It should always be FCE, FDE, or FEE. Also, it
> thinks it's programming FUSEX but it's still just FFF.

>  Did you try the tests on the website (and take out the 100 ohm resistor
> when you were finished?) I would be especially suspicious of the
> programming voltage.

Yes, I ran the h/w test and have checked the PCB visually and with
a meter. Vpp is 13.4V, Vcc is 5.0V

>  Also try changing the IRCTRIM bits - right now the oscillator is
> trimmed to the minimum frequency, maybe that's confusing it. It is used
> during programming.

You're using ICSXprog.asm in the PIC ? I can see a variable ICTR but
not IRCTRIM. Am I looking in the right program ?

>  One last thing: the cable is very important with these programmers,
> mine is < 6 inches long. Try using the low-speed interface - take out
> the "-115k", and also do something to the PIC, I forget what...

Changed to 38k4 - no difference. The cable is the 2m Picstart+ and I've
also tried a shorter 2-wire with the same result. The documentation says
that 38k4 should only be necessary for > 5m cables

Much as I hate to, I'll probably be picking up an SX Blitz. I could be
tinkering around with the Fluffy all week and still not get a result, which
is simply uneconomic and just another unwelcome hassle. One day I'd
like to see it running, but probably as a back-up or giveaway

One thing that puzzles me is that the web pages say Fluffy2 will work
with IC-PROG, yet list experiences suggest it's a no-goer. That kind
of yes-it-will-no-it-won't doesn't inspire confidence, and that's nudged
me towards a commercial product

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