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Thread: organizing your junk...
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Jinx wrote:
>>> Gimme a space and I'll fill it !!
>> and he has a window!!! that's not fair.
> I have one too. I can look out and see people having fun. Bastards ;-)
> My space problem isn't so much with electronic components, at
> least they tend to be small and are boxable. Stockpiles of wood
> and metal for other work are a bit harder to manage, especially
> in a humid climate like Auckland's

Ok, I did it.
You can check all the 3 pictures sent at;

If you want your picture to be posted, please follow instructions at the
Don't be ashamed of the space you live and work almost 40% of your life, be
proud of it, even being a warm mess of wires. You are welcome even if you
have enough time to clean, degrease and store the wires carefully into silk


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