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Thread: SX programmer
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You don't have to specify the fuse and fusex words on the command line,
they are part of the .hex file. (Those are the correct settings).
It is definitely getting into programming mode, it is quite good at
checking things. However I noticed that the hard-wired read-only DEVICE
word is showing FFF. It should always be FCE, FDE, or FEE. Also, it
thinks it's programming FUSEX but it's still just FFF.
Did you try the tests on the website (and take out the 100 ohm resistor
when you were finished?) I would be especially suspicious of the
programming voltage.
Also try changing the IRCTRIM bits - right now the oscillator is
trimmed to the minimum frequency, maybe that's confusing it. It is used
during programming.
The PINS bit is set to 18/20 pins, if you have an SX28 you'll need to
change it.
One last thing: the cable is very important with these programmers,
mine is < 6 inches long. Try using the low-speed interface - take out
the "-115k", and also do something to the PIC, I forget what...

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