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Thread: SX programmer
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> Try to use the dos sw: fluffy -com1 -test, and follow the instructions.

I'm tantalisingly close with the command line

fluffy demo.hex -com1 -115k -fuse 408 -fusex 07c -chip sx1828new


fluffy demo.hex -com1 -115k -fuse 408 -fusex 07c -chip sx1828old


using serial uart at 3f8
resetting target... ok

chip    : SX1828NEW
port    : serial   [COM1]

initialising SX chip...ok
reading configuration...

current device config:
 Device         : [fff]
 Fusex          : [fff]
 Fuse           : [fff]

erasing... done
writing fusex [07c]...ok
writing fuse  [408].....write error
fatal error


It always fails with Fuse - any ideas why ????

If my maths is OK I think the Fuse parameter is correct

__FUSE      equ     _FUSEBASE ^ (_TURBO | _OPTIONX | _STACKX | _IRC_4MHZ)

__FUSEX    equ     _FUSEXBASE ^ (_8BANKS | _1PAGE)

; ^ = XOR  | = IOR

; _FUSEBASE  F08 ^ (800 | 200 | 100 | 000) = F08 ^ B00 = 408

; _FUSEXBASE 070 ^ (00C | 000) = 07C

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