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Thread: organizing your junk...
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Olin Lathrop wrote:
>> How do y'all organize your parts collection
> Like this (see attached).  There's also a closet full of larger stuff
> that is less well organized.

Man, what happened at your bench?  wife just visited with a trash can and a
strong vacuum cleaner?

I can even see the table top shinning... that's amazing.

Where are those many tools spread around, pens, papers, books, wires,
chips, cables, sample boxes, probe wires, calculator, cell phone, glue,
CD's, diskettes, don't forget about the medicines, empty coke can, some
wife's jewllery to fix, some batteries to recharge, some bad batteries,
etc?  or do you have a huge drawer under the bench?

I can fix your bench in 15 minutes... :)

Good selection for the Weller WES50!


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