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Thread: How to solder PV cells on glass?
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On Sat, 19 Oct 2002, Jay Hanson wrote:

*>Does anyone know how to solder (or otherwise attach) wires to the
*>backs of solar cells mounted on glass? I have tried a few things and
*>can't make it work.  Either it doesn't seem to get hot enough or the glass
*>How do they solder these in the factory?

Depends on the plating. If it is silver you need to use silver solder.
Conductive paint is a good bet for low power. There is special conductive
epoxy for industrial use that works with high current too.

To solder them safely, you need to preheat them to 150C (I assume usual
cells, with no plastic coatings etc) then use a low power iron and silver
based solder.

If it's aluminium you won't be able to solder them, use the conductive
paint/epoxy instead. Aluminium solder+flux is not safe on glass/thin Al


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