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Andrew Mcdowell wrote:
> The way that I seperate my new parts from harvested parts is by
> marking the parts that were removed from equipment with a small red
> dot from a paint marker, and I keep these in the same containers as
> the new parts. I also use this system, but with different colors, to
> indicate parts that may have been damaged or broken by extreme heat
> or static electricity.
> Andrew McDowell

During many years I use to store several thousand parts, pulled, used, new,
tested, untested, etc.
After spending many hours per year just to sort and save, I realize that my
time values much more than the component cost, so, at least for small and
low cost parts (as resistors, etc) I don't care anymore, from protoboard to
trash. If I could not afford to buy a thousand resistors at Digikey by $13,
then probably I should move to another profession.

Of course, I still with zillions of things I don't even know what is in the
boxes, but now I don't spend precious time just to save a 1.3 cent
resistor.  If you put away 200 resistors per year, we are talking about 2.6
DOLLARS!  I guess you waste much more than that just in AC power to the
headset lamp during your "used resistor sort and store".  More than the
resistors, you can start to lose your sanity.

Prepare to have a bunch of 10k resistors... :)


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