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Thread: SX programmer
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> Hmmm, I've tried it today whith not so good result ;-)
> I made a Fluffy2 (what a name !!) programmer and got the IC-PROG

That is not suport the sx type micros, just the dos sw.

> So next comes the s/w. The F84 seems to be running OK, it oscillates
> and I've tried 3 with the same result. In the menu of supported devices
> the SX18 isn't shown, but as the programming socket for the SX18 and
> SX28 are paralleled I presume that the algorithm for the SX28 works for
> the SX18 ?

Try to use the dos sw: fluffy -com1 -test, and follow the instructions.

> And then there are the settings in IC-PROG. The I/O delay is set to 4 for
> my 800MHz PC. I've tried other settings. Do any of the signal inversions
> need to be set ?

I have a p3-600 and working well.


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