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Thread: SX programmer
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>  I don't think there's anything wrong with the capacitor.
> The ground should be on the positive side, and it should
> face the same way as the rest

Yes, you're right. I hand-drew my PCB and added a few more
convenient 0V points, which meant the pin 6 cap on MY overlay
is reversed to that of fluf2pcb, but it always has been soldered in
correctly. Sorry 'bout that, my bad

>  IC-PROG is way too slow. The DOS program supports the
> high speed interface (use -115k). I had to mess with the
> source a little to get it to work in Windows

The feedback I get back now is "Out Of Retry!", which goes
on forever until you End Task, so it's.attempting to do something.
I've seen comments at other sites about IC-PROG being slow. I'll
give DOS a go

>  I've used the Fluffy2 with both the SX28 and SX52 with
> excellent results. If you want to use the 48 or 52 you
> will have to change the programming software a little
> since they have twice as much code space. The only
> problem is that I use 2 9V batteries to power it and
> it gobbles them up like crazy.

Cheers, I'll get the SX18/28 sorted out first though !

> BTW, this is my first post to the list, please let
> me know if Netscape doesn't format this properly

Looks OK to me

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