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Thread: SX programmer
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> Try the fluffy, I use this some year ago whith good result.
> udv
> Csaba

Hmmm, I've tried it today whith not so good result ;-)

I made a Fluffy2 (what a name !!) programmer and got the IC-PROG
Win9x interface to go with it. However, it won't write and gives a failure
notice for location 0000h. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I've
checked the circuit "a few" times without finding any obvious errors.
The ZTX300500 aren't available so ZTX451/551 have been
substituted, and also the cap orientation on pin6 of the MAX232 has
been corrected, but apart from that it's as published. The DC input
is 16V, which gives 5.00V and 13.45V on the board in all the right

So next comes the s/w. The F84 seems to be running OK, it oscillates
and I've tried 3 with the same result. In the menu of supported devices
the SX18 isn't shown, but as the programming socket for the SX18 and
SX28 are paralleled I presume that the algorithm for the SX28 works for
the SX18 ?

And then there are the settings in IC-PROG. The I/O delay is set to 4 for
my 800MHz PC. I've tried other settings. Do any of the signal inversions
need to be set ?

Any suggestions ?

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