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Thread: Protecting FETs
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> > Are you guys relying on a distributer's
> > 'presentation of the specs' as opposed

> Not relying, no,

Not even Jinx lives that riskily

> and to be fair to RS they do show a lot
> of convenient information. Not so much as they used to
> because there just isn't room in the catalogue with the
> vast number of products they stock these days

A decent presentation of useful data in the room available will allow you to
shortlist devices which may well suit and then use the datasheets to confirm
your choices. RS still have enough room to allow you to do this but someone
went mad two issues ago and turned a number of their tables into custard and
they have only partially got it back under control this time round . They
either include strange columns of data and/or exclude useful/normal data
and/or quote figures to many more significant digits than needed or in
inconsistent ways or .... The same sort of data is represented in different
notation for adjacent devices making column skimming hard(er).

Slew rate V/uS:  0.01 for one device, next one is 1.0e-03.
Aol V/mV = 12000.00 (wow) (LTC1150CN8 = 1000000.00!)

Many devices do not have the columns fully populated (or even at all
populated in some cases).
eg NJM386L has no heatsink - no other data is included in the 8 available

24LC01 is a 1024.00 byte device.


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