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Thread: C vs ASM
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Wouter van Ooijen wrote:
>> There any engineer that knows asm and C but
>> Still uses asm? If yes why?

Ze gud vorker vil vork vit zame performance vit ze hamar or ze nife.
Assembly or C iz a kuestion of chooz ze rit tool for ze target jab.
Ze gud programar wil do it aiter vay, vitout ani difikult.
I vil rekomend assembly onli if you know the procesor gutz veri vell.
Az iu kan zee, I'm on ze vay to ze nu european talkin.
prity eze hu?

Still being a non sense after so much talking about C vs ASM, we will see
it over and over, since new users will confront it day after day.  As you
can see, if the doubt always exist, it is because a serious fight still


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