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Russell McMahon wrote:
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That's another problem.  The receiver module REQUIRES some 38kHz pulses to
recognize the frequency.
It all will depend on the distance and IR power. As much closer to the
receiver (tests over the bench) can lead you to transmit as fast as
4800bps, but at home family room environment (12 to 15ft away) can't ensure
you not even 2400bps.  The real problem starts if the environment uses
fluorescent lamps... and worse, if they use electronic reactors.

The RX time delay is based on the above statements. As more pulses the
module takes to identify 38kHz IR radiation, as delayed will be the RX bit

By other side, collision is easy to minimize, you just need to implement a
receiver module into the transmitter.  For every bit transmitted the
processor should check the echoed IR, if mismatch happens it means somebody
else is transmitting, so the transmitter should shut up for a while and try


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