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Thread: Power handling for a sleeping PIC system
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Anand Dhuru wrote:
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This can give you some ideas. Performance is horrible, and if switching
time is slow the transistors will collapse.
Much better designs can be done. Perhaps the use of a commercial charge
pump or even a coilled step up system, check the very low cost MC34063.

         |   D        D      Vout <+5.5V
   |     |        |        |
   R     |        |        |
   |     E        |+       |+
   o---B PNP     ===      ===
   |     C       ---      ---
   R     |        |        |
   |     |        |        |
o---o     o--------'       _|_
   |     |
   R     |
   |     C
   o---B NPN
   |     E
   R     |
   |     |
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