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Thread: IR remote control...
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Olin Lathrop wrote:
>> ... except if transmitter A starts to send the packet, receiver A
>> decodes its own address and starts to receive. In middle of the A
>> data frame, transmitter B starts to transmit and garble all A
>> reception...
> Of course the packets would contain a checksum.  In this case the
> packet would be detected as corrupted and ignored.

There is a double problem.

1) This kind of broadcast system, where the sender never receives
confirmation from the destination.  A system like this requires certain
insurance that the destination WILL receive the packet correctly.

2) Different from a real broadcast system, where the sender keeps sending
the same transmission over and over, this unidirectional communication
system probably will really need a collision avoidance by monitoring the IR
environment before transmit.

Of course, for better safety any kind of checksum is required.

Also, a bi-directional system can be implemented, with confirmation, "ack",
"nack", etc.  It will make the collision avoidance easier to implement.


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