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Jinx wrote:
>> Do you have datasheets to back that up?
> No. I've looked for it but as they don't seem to be available for
> general sale probably the data isn't out there either. I tested
> several types of IR receiver using a VCR remote and found that
> the canned type have a much wider reception angle and will pick
> up relections that retail 3-pin or home-made ones won't
>> BTW here in the Netherlands all TVs and VCRs that I dissected
>> recently used one of the Vishay/Telefunken TSOP or SFH 3-pin
>> receivers
> Maybe it's an Asian  / Pacific thing. If you open up a can there's
> usually an SMT chip or hybrid inside, more than would fit in a 1SU60

AFAIK, the molded ones I also tested in the past, use digital filtering,
while the canned use some analog what makes them more sensible.  The canned
ones also detect more trash.  Try a cigarrete lighter sparks close to a
canned and scope its digital output.  Even a fluorescent light 60Hz
blinking affect very much the canned output.

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