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Thread: IR remote control...
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> Think toy micro-robots not dissimilar from the miniature RC cars that
> are currently being sold (http://www.zipzaps.com)...  nano-battlebots,
> or somesuch.

OK - if you don't mind the participants being hard wired to their
environment you could use a single transmitter as I suggested. If necessary
you could use a number of LEDs at different locations but all driven
together to get coverage in "dark corners" but my experience of IR control
is that it bounces around nicely.

The integrated 3 pin receivers (complete with IR filter) cost a bit over
$US2.retail one off here at hobbyist stores so I imagine in any quantity
they would be substantially less. Very very hard to better that. Performance
(sensitivity anyway) varies quite signifcantly between brands I'm told. I
have tried two different models and both were similar.


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