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Thread: Protecting FETs
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> I should e-mail RS and find out exactly what they mean by Vce

They won't know. When the new catalogue came out some while ago I rang the
local manager to point out that many of the tables had utterly meaningless
column headings or, in many cases where they had meaning, utterly useless
column headings, and that the new ways of sorting many devices made it great
if you knew what part number you wanted but utterly useless if you were
searching for a new part by its parameters. (I wasn't just being cranky - I
thought they might be interested in knowing that somebody who had no idea
whatsoever about electronics had rearranged the catalogue). He said that
many people had said how much better the new catalogue was and that I was
the only person who didn't like it. I really can't imagine what to think
about people's preferences. (I'm sure Jinx will have some ideas :-) ). I'm
sure that Farnell would have been delighted when they saw it.

FWIW Vce simple means the voltage between collector and emitter. As the
conditions are not specified there is no other meaning. It's similar to the
Quantum Mechanics Copenhagen interpretation of what happens when no-one is
looking or like the sound of one dog barking but not as loud.


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