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Thread: Orienter w electromagnet ViBRATOR
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> > Not magic but gutting a cheap aquarium pump should yield what you need.

> Interesting suggestion, what can be found in its belly ?

Usually a solenoid with a magnetic circuit that has three sides fixed and
the 4th "side" is a moving arm that is sprung loaded slightly open. Mains
cycles attract the arm and it vibrates a diaphragm in a very crude pump with
flap valves. Pressure and flow obtained is small but adequate for fish tank
use. An arrangement almost identical principle is used in some electric hair

The air pumps often have an adjustment screw which allows the moving arm to
be adjusted until it just doesn't close the gap fully at closest approach.
If allowed to touch it makes a LOUD buzzing noise at twice mains frequency
(but probably does no great harm short term). Minimum airgap consistent with
quiet operation would result in lowest operating current.

A hair trimmer may be even better suited to providing a vibration source
than an airpump as it already drives a mechanical device with some force.


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