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> I'm thinking about IR remote control for models, where I want several
> to be controllable simultaneously (meaning, I think, several different
> carrier frequencies.)  Now it seems to me that with the off-the-shelf IR

More details may help.
IF you are  sending from physically isolated TXs then what you propose may
be necessary. If you have a central to TX to multiple RXs then it would be
MUCH easier to have all receive the same signal and differentiate in any of
the normal manners.
The commercial RX modules are liable to be cheap compared to the cost of any
model you are liable to control; and the inbuilt filtering, amplification
and data slicing/demodulation is probably worth the cost. At any range you
are liable to need at least some gain if you want to feed an A/D pin
directly. Possible but, unless this is for a large volume product, unlikely
to be repay your effort.

Even with multiple TXs, unless your bandwidth is full controlling one model,
it would be easier to use a single frequency and time share the ether. You
could either do this with multiple transmissions of the one command or have
a received on each TX and perform some sort of co-operative channel sharing.
Shouldn't be very hard at all (ha!) unless bandwidth is tight.


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