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Thread: X prize vehicle????
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Anyone remotely interested in aircraft will probably appreciate this.
(Kristin should view it for its artistic merits).

This latest aircraft from the Rutan stable MAY be more than it looks


It may be an elaborate hoax but more likely it's his X-Prize contender. (3
man to edge of space and safe return, repeat within a week with the same
craft, win $US10 million.
If so expect the two side craft to separate at altitude (probably 50,000
foot plus) and fly home by themselves (small wings suggest they won't go as
high as one might expect for such an application)

The jet engines MAY remain attached to one wing each of the side units
leaving the centre rocket to itself or the engines may be carried by the
rocket to apogee.

Or maybe April the first just came early in the Rutan workshops.
For those who haven't met his products, as well as a range of interesting
canard equipped lightweights, he also built the first (and so far only?)
(heavier than air) aircraft to fly around the world non-stop and unrefueled.

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