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Thread: how would I do this ??
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Veronica_Merryfield wrote:
> If you were to use an IDE drive, then the command structure to the
> disk consists of a position and a 512 byte buffer of data. You could
> arrange to stream the data to the disk sequentially.
> To read it out, steam it to your PC sequentially, or you could put it
> in your PC and use BIOS commands to read it sequentially.
> If you want to us FAT, then you might do better to write a very large
> file to a freshly formatted drive. Make a note of the start and end
> positions of the file and use these to stream the data to the drive
> (this may be better for CF card approach).
> Small size large capacity IDE drives are available - you could easily
> run for some time on NiCads for instance.
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From gossip to a more and more possible reality, IBM is almost ready to
release a new generation of mass-storage devices, as far as I was informed,
the technology is amazing in size and power consume. Lets wait and see.  It
is not by coincidence that actual HDs prices are dropping down so fast, as
well DVDR units prices are jumping from the bridge.

If you think about it, always had a way to backup HDs in low cost solution.
From the lazy tape drives to the CDr solution few years ago.  At that time,
few CDRs could backup an entire HD.  Today you require not few, but several
DVDs (25+) to backup an entire 120GB HD.  Obviously a new technology is
very required for that task.  The 3d DVDs (This 80GB unit will have a new
name?) could help this but not for long, since it is just a matter of
months (or few years) to come up with 4,000 GigaBytes HD.  The new
technology promises to fill this gap for many years...  what they are
talking about?  500 TeraBytes nonvolatile in one cubic inch device? 10 nano
seconds access time? 500mW power consume?  I would love to use one of those
connected via fiber transceiver to a TinnyAVR ... ;)


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