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Thread: How to write my own compiler? Where to find information
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> Does anyone know where I can find information on how to where my own
> compiler?

You also really want to know about


The comp.compilers newsgroup
Comp.compilers is a moderated usenet news group addressing the topics of
compilers in particular and programming language design and implementation
in general. It started in 1986 as a moderated mailing list, but interest
quickly grew to the point where it was promoted to a news group. Recent
topics have included optimization techniques, language design issues,
announcements of new compiler tools, and book reviews.

Messages come from a wide variety of people ranging from undergraduate
students to well-known experts in industry and academia. Authors live all
over the world -- there are regular messages from the U.S, Canada, Europe,
Australia, and Japan, with occasional ones from as far away as Malaysia. The
estimated total readership is over 100,000, which makes it by far the most
widely read medium on the topic in the world.

Full text search for articles
Monthly index of articles
Fetch articles by ID number
The comp.compilers FAQ
Other regularly posted material including directories of compiler tools
File archive
Jack Crenshaw's Let's Write a Compiler   <===== as per my last post


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