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Thread: "Mirror image" a byte
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Fábio Pereira wrote:
> I think M. Adam wanted to say that the MOVWF instruction will write
> the data at the end of it's instruction cycle (Q4) and the next
> instruction (MOVF) will read the data on the beginning of it's
> instruction cycle (Q2). This will leave only one clock cycle between
> writing and reading the data. Depending on the clock frequency used,
> maybe there is not enough time to data stabilize (the old problem of
> R-M-W instructions). And then, a NOP will be needed between the two
> MOVs.
> Regards,
> Fabio Pereira

I saw that, I just made funny of the tricky point of view.
For the ones that doesn't understand metal and silicon area charge timming
(capacitive delays) and propagation speed, it could sounds like the next
instruction would happens before the previous was completed, reinforcing
Einsten theory that in high speed you don't travel to the future, the
future comes to you in one speed or another, but it IS comming.



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