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Thread: General Serial Tips
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Peter L. Peres wrote:
> A ceramic resonator is usually under 1% and is sufficient. The total
> tolerance allowed is 5.xx% so for both endss to be safe each should be
> better than this (<2.5% each).
> OTOH, it is possible to implement serial t/r with RC clock on PICs if
> the temperature range is limited because they are at better than 2%
> for constant voltage and temperature.
> Peter

Ok, ok, what about to use your own bitbang protocol, the stuppid bitwise
Start bit, bit, stop bit - you reduce your ressonator accuracy required
from 5 to almost 20%...
Ok, I know, you reduced throughput ratio from 8/11 to 1/3.

Perhaps, this is why somebody invented synchronous communication,
manchester coding, etc, ahh? well, still Serial, right?



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