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Thread: Retirement home for monkeys
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> > Libertarians (the original poster was quoting a Libertarian propaganda
> > feed) only care about reducing government to the point where everyone is
> > living in an unsafe world without healthcare, but "no taxes".  And
> > keep your gun loaded, and close at hand.

I recall a definition I saw somewhere long ago -

"A Libertarian is a person who desires a strong Police force to protect them
from their slaves."

IMO, Libertarians views are often reasonable enough if each person could
live and act without influencing or being influenced by all others. As soon
as one interacts with other people liberty and rights needs be tempered by
the  liberty and rights of others and their system crumbles.

cf Donne's obvious but salutary "No man is an island complete unto
himself".If we could find a suitable island to send all the Libertarians to
maybe they would be happy ? :-)


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