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Thread: Cheap Led displays for a countdown timer?
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> From: "John Lawton Electronics" <TakeThisOuTdesign@spam@spamJLE.CO.UK>
> Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2002 3:19 PM
> Subject: [EE]: Cheap Led displays for a countdown timer?
>> Hi,
>> I've been asked to design a cheap countdown timer with a Led
>> display. The counter would start at 10:00  i.e. 10 minutes 00
>> seconds, and count down every second.  It's for a mock 'bomb' rather
>> like the James Bond movies used to use.  The thing should tick every
>> second, and sound an alarm at 00:00 !!  This has to be cheap, so I
>> need to source a 4 digit Led display (about 0.6"digits) and a
>> counter chip / PIC for a low price, or even a complete counter
>> assembly.  Any ideas?  I am in the UK, but the product (up to 100
>> off) would probably be made in the Far East.
>> John

John, ahamm, hmmm, in this days, any 10 minutes counter with alarm at 00:00
sounds pretty scary, even when the customer ask it "CHEAP"... what means?
to be used just once?  hehe, I don't like to be negative, but, did you
suggest a fuse cord?  ;)

I am joking of course, but, even so, some subjects are not joke anylonger.

Anyway, any uC with 12 port pins can do it, extra 4 transistors, few
resistors, one key minimum and the displays. Impossible to cost more than
$6.  Probably cheapper than 20ft of slow fuse cord. ;)


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