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Thread: recover data from damaged eeprom?
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Vasile Surducan wrote:
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The interesting point is that exactly in 1972 I had 17 yrs old, I did it. I
built a discrete 8 instructions microprocessor, add, add with carry, shift
left, shift right, load, store, complement and branch on condition, using
two 2708 eproms,  a 10 Watts winter heater TTL board, running at the bullet
speed of 1MHz.  The longest instruction took 12 bytes at the "instruction
execution" second eprom. The design was done in less than 30 minutes over a
restaurant table, two days to wire up, 5 days to program - 2708 programmer
assembly included - ah, no compilers, just paper and pencil. I may have the
original design in some box around.  3 years later all was replaced by a
brand new Z80 I bought when traveling to Toronto. That was done not by
skills, but by interest and guts to try.  You can be sure that if it would
at least flag a 6 months time to solve few of the bugs, I would be dealing
with chicken eggs today. I am trilled that you think something like that
could take 6 months to debug... are you in eggs business already?  ;)

By the way, I am from Brazil (to the ones who ran away from school; Brazil
is the huge country at the right side of the South America - almost the
same size of US), we are not exactly 100% capitalist - we use to say we
are - but our minimum wage is around $100, that is not a pretty sign of
capitalism.  As for the *humor* part; We will be serving Portuguese 10
minutes language lessons during the 4pm coffee break - please check in with
the pretty girl at the end of the hall.  First give-away lesson; "Buenos
Dias" is far from being Portuguese... and Argentina is not our capital.
Tomorrow's lesson; "Why our beach bronze tan model body girls in Brazil
does not (never did) wear hairdo with bananas and pineapples", and
Saturday's special: "The truth that lies beneath the controversial
Brazilian word -camisinha-".


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