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Thread: enameled silver wire?
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> Recently i've
> found Jaycar Australia stocking some cheap and high-
> performance ferrite toroids, which I tested to perform
> better than the expensive specialty Philips potcores
> I bought some years ago.

The Jaycar cores *APPEAR* to be "Micrometals" products (but may not be).
Micrometals parts have colour coded coatings to reflect the core material
and these colour combinations are copyrighted. However, some cores I was
sent from Taiwan that have never ever graced the shores of the US of A are
identically coded.

Micrometals website     http://www.micrometals.com/    is worth a look and
the cores are very reasonably priced. They have an excellent combination
catalogue and design guide which they may send you if you ask nicely (or
click on the catalog request button). Their book is worth reading - it
explains why you should buy their cores and not other peoples and what might
happen if you don't. You may almost believe them once you read it :-). (My
Taiwanese clones (which I had no choice in the sourcing of) work just fine
in my application - so far.)(In fact "so far" is a major issue - powdered
iron cores DO have an age limit related to time-temperature performance and
an inferior core may well self destruct itself or your design in due
course.)(Due course CAN be very short.)

They also have free power inductor and RF design software.

I bought ?hundred of one type of core from them and samples and 5 or 10 of
quite a few other types. They only charged for the large order and gave me
the rest free. YMMV.

       Russell McMahon

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