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Thread: recover data from damaged eeprom?
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Peter L. Peres wrote:
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Now lets try to be honest.  Nobody in common sense will use a tunneling or
deep probe microscope to duplicate a 8080... think about it... how
difficult is to design a microprocessor?

Think seriously about it.

Even you can do it pretty easily. What is the worse part?  To have the way
to produce the wafers, right? not the design.
So, you can be very much sure, that if somebody else have a way to produce
silicon wafers, much before they will have somebody to design silicon

I am not defending or attacking no one, but in someway is ridiculous to
think that someone who has ability to produce a wafer will have no ability
to design the chip.  It is the same as to think that someone is very expert
in producing a car, engine and everything else, but dumb enough to not know
how to design it.

You can design a microcontroller in 30 minutes... wanna bet?

You just need two EPROMS, a SRAM, an oscillator and few logic gates.

You assemble the logic gates to do left/right shift, add, compare and
simple logic packages.
Connect the RAM to feed and to be fed by the logic gates.

Build two binary sequence counter (multiple 74HCT93).

One binary counter will scan the first eprom for the program. The program
eprom output will gate directly the addresses of the second binary counter.
This second counter will scan particular addresses on the second eprom.
This second eprom contains the steps necessaries to the logic packages to
operate, its "data" output will effectively turn on gates, fed data, open
and close path for add, shift, move, etc, all controlled by the second
eprom sequence of events.

Install few I/O ports around, and implement more and more instruction
routines at the second eprom. In time, you will have more instructions than
the Pentium IV.

In a board no larger than 5x6 inches you can have a heavy processor, just
built with gates, counters and eproms. That's it.

Now, convert all of this to wafer design, you can launch your own processor
at the market, without using a microscope to steal any idea around.


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