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Thread: Using ATtiny26 with STK500
face BY : Russell McMahon email (remove spam text)

> > I'm about to attempt using the ATtiny26L with the STK500 programmer.
> > The Studio software mentions the processor but I don't think any of the
> > provided sockets support the 26L pinout (yet to check in detail).
> > Presumably using the ISP cable will work OK.

> Yes I have done this successfully (I too wish they had a socket for the
> on the STK 500 :o( ) The ISP cable will still work well :o)


I am using the ?blue 20 pin socket which has the correct pinout for a 26.
All programming lines except Reset seem correct. The Reset line does not go
to the programming header but can be picked up on a 4 pin options header.

How did/do you connect Reset?
Connecting Reset to ground (which is where it should be during programming)
produces apparently OK handshake but does not produce a correct verify.
Connecting uP-Reset to Reset from the programming header causes failure of

Do you need a clock connected to X1 during programming or verify?. Datasheet
is unclear (ie says you may or may not depending on fuses - doesn't seem to
say what the default is.)

I can connect a clock line from elsewhere on board but would be nice to know
what others have got to work. Also disturbing that connection to socket
onboard from reset line is not complete even though all others are.

           Russell McMahon

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