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Thread: Using ATtiny26 with STK500
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Hi Russell,

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Yes I have done this successfully (I too wish they had a socket for the T26
on the STK 500 :o( ) The ISP cable will still work well :o)

> Has anyone got useful comments to make about the 26L in this context or
> otherwise?
> Software examples specific to the 26L are also rare at this stage. Any A2D
> experiences using the gain stage and differential mode would be
> of interest.

The A2D works on this chip like most of the others, it is identical (apart
from more inputs and diff stages ) to the T15 :o) no real gotchas here :o)

Not used the TWI interface yet as all my T26 designs talk to a M128 via 2
wire bitbang. So I can not comment on this yet, although one day I will play
with it as the T26 is a great little chip and will be come another work
horse :o)



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