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Thread: Using ATtiny26 with STK500
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I'm about to attempt using the ATtiny26L with the STK500 programmer.
The Studio software mentions the processor but I don't think any of the
provided sockets support the 26L pinout (yet to check in detail).
Presumably using the ISP cable will work OK.

Has anyone got useful comments to make about the 26L in this context or

Software examples specific to the 26L are also rare at this stage. Any A2D
experiences using the gain stage and differential mode would be of interest.
I'm interested in using the serial hardware to provide UART functionality
which of course requires a small amount of software to achieve the
functionality of a "normal" hardware UART (eg no buffering requires response
within 1 bit time). I will be implementing a full duplex UART with enough
interrupt driven software to make it look like a normal UART to other
software. This looks like a simple enough task but if anyone's done this
already any code would be appreciated.

       Russell McMahon

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