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Thread: Cracking a software is not a nice thing
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> > That leaves the problem of determining what base it was you
> > were expressing base 12a in

> Would you believe that some people dislike (12+1) so much that
> whole floors in hotels and offices are called "12a", unless the
> floor numbering goes from 12 to 14.

Unless you are in Asia, where it's floor 4 that goes missing. Note that
Yamaha introduced the YDS series of motorcycles long ago. YDS1, YDS2, YDS3,
YDS5 ... funny that.

Word for 4 has an unfortunately similar sound to word for "death".
Is it "Shi" ??? (Japanese) - maybe not - there are several versions and
some are acceptable.

> That's all I was doing -
> appeasing the list scaredy-cats who may baulk at anything to
> do with (12+1).

I know :-) (but did you follow the rave?)

       R "someone set up us the bomb" M

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