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Thread: Cracking a software is not a nice thing
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> > > All you have to know is that 42 is what you get if you multiply
> > > six by nine and accept there's something fundamentally wrong
> > > about the universe
> >
> > And what is it that you have against working in base 13 that
> > makes it fundamentally wrong ? :-)

Warning. The following ALL makes sense but may or may not be considered
useful and may blow the odd brain fuse.

Hereunder nn/xx means nn in base xx. with nn and xx all base 10 unless
specified otherwise.
eg 42/13 means 42 base 13 = 54 base 10 = 54/10

> Base 12a you mean.

That's interesting - I've never seen anyone express a base higher than 10 in
any base other than base 10. (All bases to their own base are base 10 of
course, but I digress.) That leaves the problem of determining what base it
was you were expressing base 12a in as the a is not a legal digit in base
10/10. As a usually conveys 11/10 your base must be at least 12/10 (as the
largest single digit expreeeable in any base is one less than the base). If
we assume you are using base 16/10 then 12a/16 = 298/10. It's going to be
difficult to get enough characters to express all the digits in such a large
base system. Presumably one uses accents - acutes, graves, cedillas etc. Or
maybe one could drop into wingdings or similar. Regardless, if we assume
that a/298 is meant to signify 10/10 then 6/298 x 9/298 = (54/10)/298. I use
54/10 temporarily as it has not yet been established what symbol should be
used. As A/xx  (or a/xx as you seem to have put it in 12a/xx) = 10/10 Z/xx
would be 35/10. Horrors! Maybe you did not mean that a = A as I have been
assumomng and meant that the symbols went 0...9, A...Z, a...z or similar, in
which case 12a/xx would be MUCH larger that 298./10 as "a" now no longer
means 10/10 but probably 61/10. That being the case (which I most severely
doubt) then a = 61/10 and 12a must be in at least base 62/10 (for the
reasons noted above). As 62/10 seems an unlikely base then perhaps it is in
base 64/10 in which case 12a/64 = 270,246/10. (ie 64^3*1+64^2*2+10  all base
10). This is an extroadinarily large base to work with!

While I cannot start to thing what single character symbology you could use
to represent numbers in this base I would like to suggest one for the
specifric value of 12a/(270,246/10). As the ant-html thought police will not
allow me to turn on HTML to represent this in a single character (and in any
case the character sets used in various locations would cause it to appear
differently) please mentally replace the 3 following character string with
its more usual pictogram. I would like to suggest that you represent
12a/(270,246/10) with :-)    (although some may sugesst that that would be

           R :-) M

Coffee breaks over - back to work.

And in OUR family, we have just the 10 digits
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