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Thread: clean A/D
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Jan-Erik Soderholm wrote:
> Well VV46NER, I hate it too, but as you sad, someone needs to do it.
> Last time I checked my business card, Sweden was spelled with one
> "e"...
> Jan-Erik Svderholm
> S:t Anna Data
> tel : +46 121 42161
> mob : +46 70 5241690

Nothing better that have in-house representatives from all places.
My fault. My fault. My fault.  I was there once at Volvo, I should not make this
kind of mistake.

By the way... I was not sad, I was content... ;)  hehe... ah, stop that.


Oh, somebody pointed that Ohms should used as lowercase "ohms" based on SI,
that's correct, but never use the Ohms symbol W (I don't know if you will see
the correct symbol) in lower case, that will be an aggravation...

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