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Thread: Protecting Against Hooking Up a Battery in Reverse
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Roman Black wrote:
> Wagner Lipnharski wrote:
>> By the same fact that rushing to the office to register your newborn
>> child, it doesn't mean it is your son, of course, until different
>> proven, the kid IS legally your son and will call you "daddy".
> Nice that you agree, but sad when a person in
> the next country finds out that you haven't
> registered your child in THEIR country yet and
> does so before you, and then takes ownership from
> you along with many $$$ in damages for having
> used their LEGALLY OWNED child. ;o)
> These days "legally owned" is becoming something
> of an oxymoron...
> -Roman

As far as I remember and was said, patents of all countries are now
international, you don't need to register internationally.  Obviously it
was turning ridiculous with all the globalization.

We have some patents and wanted to register in some other countries, the
lawyer said it is not required anymore. Ownership should be valid here or
in Mars.


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