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Thread: Protecting Against Hooking Up a Battery in Reverse
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Roman Black wrote:
> Probably one of those many American patents that the
> rest of the world laughs at. Rushing down to the
> patent office and patenting something first doesn't
> give ANY rights where moral issues say otherwise.
> It's as distasteful as that whole ambulance chaser/
> Ally Mcbeal US lawyer crud that seems to be taking
> over modern life. Just because you CAN get away with
> something on paper and later profit in the courts
> DOES NOT mean that you should.
> And I won't even start on American patents of things
> that have been common for years in many other
> countries, but didn't have a US PATENT yet...
> -Roman

By the same fact that rushing to the office to register your newborn child,
it doesn't mean it is your son, of course, until different proven, the kid
IS legally your son and will call you "daddy".


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Subject (change) Protecting Against Hooking Up a Battery in Reverse

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