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Thread: Looking for 8-channel Data Logger
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Thomas N wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am looking for a high resolution, precision, 8-channel or 4-channel
> data logger.  I use it mainly to measure battery voltages ranging
> from 0 to 5V.  I prefer the one that can be connected to RS232 and
> with Windows software interface.  I would like to see the data plots
> in real-time.
> If you know or have any data logger that fits the description above,
> please let me know!
> Regards,
> Thomas
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Okeeeey, high resolution, precision, that is vague.
Can you specify better what is the resolution and accuracy expected?
12, 16, 24 bits?

Resolution is the minimum degree of information change, while accuracy is
normaly specified in percentage of the reading, or percentage of the full
scale (span).

A resolution of 12 bits on a 5V battery measurement system, means 5 / 2^12
= 1.2mV, what automaticaly set the maximum accuracy of 0.0012 / 5 = 0.02%,
but accuracy also means how well the circuit reads the translates, this
will be something particular of each converter, but it will never be better
than 0.02% since it is limited by the resolution.  So, in most cases if the
circuit is super-dee-duper, you could say that accuracy (precision) will be
0.02% +- 1 digit (since the last digit will be flipping by lack of software

I wonder if measurement battery voltage for logging will ever reach the
necessity of 1.2mV of resolution, it seems that the internal battery ionic
movement will be more than that.

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