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Thread: Plotting RS232 data
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Diego Sierra wrote:
> Hi!
> I would like to plot in a graph the real-time data I receive via the
> PC serial port. I tried to use windmill software (http://www.windmill.co.uk)
> with no success (it lost 8 from 10 values). And also an excel program
> (RS232Scope), this one said it doesn't receive anything from the
> port. ¿Is there another free and easy tool to do that?
> The data received at the serial port is just a number and a newline,
> every second more or less.
> Cheers,
> Diego.

What you do with the data? store in a file also, or just plot into a moving
long bar-graph?
I imagine you are plotting vertical bars side by side, every reception, and
moving it to the left, is that it?
This can be done pretty easily in Visual Basic, even saving in a buffer,
storing in a file, comparing, taking average values, alarms, doing
statistics (max / min / standard deviation, etc).

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