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Thread: 2-tran boost circuit; 5v -> 13v
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David Minkler wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> I'd certainly be interested.  I have a 3 transistor voltage inverter
> (+5V to -15V) which I was considering posting (not nearly as elegant
> as your 2 transistor circuits but quite stable).  As you know, we
> frequently get requests on list for such circuits for LCD contrast and
> other (low current) purposes.  Perhaps we can adapt your 2 xstr boost
> circuit to voltage invert.
> Best regards,
> Dave Minkler

For most low current negative bias, including extended temperature LCD
units, we've being using this without any problem;

 any clock signal
   above 1kHz
      \ /  Any inverter
      _|_ 1nF
       o----|<|----o----> -3V
       |           |
      _|_         _|_-
      \ /         === 1uF
      _V_          |
       |           |
      _|_         _|_
      GND         GND

       1N4148 x 2

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