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Thread: -VIRUS- [EE]: Getting at a struct of flags as a byte ?
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James Newton, webhost wrote:
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> http://www.piclist.com/postbot.asp?id=piclist\2002\10\01\121506a
> The email did not originate from Ashley. It is this virus that has
> infected a machine of a person who has Ashley (and other) email
> addresses in its address book. The Virus picks two people and random
> from the address book and sends the email "from" one person and to
> the other. The email is NOT from the person indicated in the from
> address. Using SPAMCOP.NET to analyse the headers shows that the
> email originated from telstra.net

New viruses, smart ones. I have seem them weeks ago trying our servers.

I just gave up Norton and McAfee since I found PC-CILLIN, that blocks
viruses right before the mail-inbox, after installing PC-CILLIN, I never
got a single virus problem. Even with all the setup active, McAfee allowed
some viruses to enter my machine by email in the past. Pc-Cillin does daily
updates on new viruses, automatically. Other thing extremely recommended to
have (and run) is AD-Aware, that identify and help you to remove dozens (if
not hundreds) or Spyware installed "with your consent" in your machine. Do
you feel your machine lazy? doing some heavy hard disk activity from time
to time? man, that is Spyware sucking up your PC processing power, it
spread like a pest and it keep sending your "precious personal" information
to several websites. Run AD-Aware and you will be amazed what is in your
windows registry and running invisible.

Be advised.

Wagner Lipnharski - UST Research Inc
Orlando FLorida - USA - http://www.ustr.net
/_/_/_/ Atmel AVR Consultant /_/_/_/

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