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Thread: 2-tran boost circuit; 5v -> 13v
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Mike Singer wrote:
> Roman Black wrote:
>> Hi, in messing around I came up with a *really simple*
>> 2-tran boost circuit that gives 13.3v regulated
>> output from a regulated 5v input.
> .
> .
>> I think Myke was after something like this for a
>> cheap PIC programmer etc? If this spec is acceptable
>> i'll write it up or does it need more current etc??
>> -Roman
>  If Myke's programmer is fed with AC, why not use
> voltage multiplier-rectifier and simplest regulator?
>  Mike.

There are plenty of DC Adapters entitled as 12Vdc@xxmA that in real supply
15Vdc up to @100mA, this somehow helps a lot, isn't it?  Nothing that a
7812 with one or two diodes in series at the ground lead to output you 12.6
or 13.2V, and another 7805 for the 5V.  Simple, neat, low cost and easy,
what is a difficult thing to get, right?  "Simple" and "Easy" are not
synonyms, and they are not found together very often.

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