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Thread: SX programmer
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The cheaper of the 2 Parallax offerings (Blitz I think) is a pure programmer
which works fine. Too dear for what it does but available locally to you. So
small it tends to get lost. Don't apply the power backwards or plug it into
the ISP socket backwards (which is easily enough done). No debug but who
needs debug :-)

A provocative thought. Zilog sell genuine ICE's with a trace buffer at a
fraction of what anyone else sells their entry level ICE product for. Wonder
what it would take to re-engineer this for PIC/SX :-)(Somewhat akin to
someone's comparison of burning toilet rolls from public toilets to keep
warm :-) ).(TANSTAAFL)


> As a faster alternative to PIC/AVR when needs demand, I'd like
> to use the SX. I've found two sources in NZ and now have to get
> a programmer. Currently I use the PicStart+ / MPLAB and AVR
> Studio and a home-made AVR programmer. Any recommendations
> for similar tools for SX would be appreciated. Not too pricey, but
> nothing that needs too much fiddling about with either. Middle-range
> semi-professional I guess you'd say

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