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Thread: PICs and RF links
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> But what's a good way to go in order to be
> able to sync and resync quickly?

If you want optimum synchronisation (and a scheme that will stun your
friends if they haven't met it) look at "T Codes" invented by Mark Titchener
of Auckland University.

T codes essentially implement a recursive binary tree where each new node
added replicates the preceding tree to date. Using them is easier than
understanding them (fortunately).

Despite their apparently scary nature T Codes are essentially simple to
implement and allow mind boggling resynchronisation capabilities (to my mind

Here's a page with some material thereon including a PhD thesis. There will
be simpler material around I'm sure. I have a friend who did his PhD on T
codes who I am sure could point you to some simpler material if you can't
Google up anything.


Here's a not totally simple intro


or a slightly mangled text version of the same thing.


Here's an abstract that demonstrates that T codes may well be what you want
BUT they ant money for the full article.


       Russell McMahon

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