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This is a commercial email newsletter that I receive occasionally.
Seemed to have enough material of interest to risk an [EE]: post

Note the packaged 1 kW fuel cell system including Methanol to Hydrogen
converter. They say the converter requires 1.4l Methanol/hr at 1 kW. This is
a very small fraction (~ 10% ?) of the thermal energy which would be
available from burning it.



Dear Fuel Cell Enthusiast,

FuelCellStore.com has some new products and some reduced prices we would
like to tell you about.

First is the FCS 1200T, a portable fuel cell system that incorporates the
FPM 20T fuel processing module, Ballard's NexaT Power Module, a fuel tank,
complete balance of plant and an optional pure sine wave inverter, all in a
very compact package. The FCS 1200T sets a new industry standard for ease of
operation with one-touch start capability. Optional software tools allow
users to monitor and control a broad range of product functions from a
remote location. Additionally, power output is automatically responsive to
changing demands. Hydrogen is generated by the onboard FPM 20T fuel
processor. Seen at

The HOPE hydrogen curriculum for middle and high school students is now
available for $395.00
HOPE was developed to teach secondary school students about the potential
and benefits of hydrogen as a fuel. The curriculum is intended as a
supplement to existing instructional materials.

The curriculum involves plenty of fun-filled, hands-on activities for
secondary school education. The high school version includes over 75 lessons
with labs, exercises, and demonstrations. The curriculum highlights the role
of environmentally friendly hydrogen technologies, notably fuel cell
technology. The complete HOPE package consists of the curriculum, four
videos and a CD ROM.

We have several new hydrogen storage devices which can be seen at

FuelCellStore.com has also added two new stacks which are rated at 4W and

The ME100 hydrogen generator is now available for $20,800. Check it out at

We also have several demonstration devices on sale for a limited time.

If you would like to find out more about these products, you can reply to
this email, link to the site by clicking on a product, or visit us at
You have received this email because you have joined our email list or
contacted us requesting fuel cell news and product updates. If you do not
want to receive news from FuelCellStore.com regarding new products and fuel
cell related news please reply to this message with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the
subject heading.

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