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Thread: New Motorola 68HC908QY microcontroller ~
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[EE]: New Motorola 68HC908QY microcontroller
New bottom end extra cheap microcontroller "Nitron" family from Motorola.
Excellent pricing (sub $US1 some versions) - up to 4K flash in an 8 pin DIP.
Variants with 4 x 8 bit A2D, 2 x 16 bit timers with PWM, 8 & 16 pin
versions. (No tssop 8 - perhaps nobody could see it :-) ).

Prices range from about 1.33USD to 0.70USD in 1K - 10K drops for 4K, 2K to
1K parts.

Some amazing capabilities in such a bottom end product and some interesting
eg includes 16 bit stack relative addressing & can program internal flash
from within program BUT can't process while doing so (if I understand what
I've been told) but as low as 32 uS/byte flash programming.

Range of development tools from $US168 ICP to full ICE. Free special edition
Code Warrior / C.

Comments from NZ FAE:

To get 8 bit A/D and 16pin package the lowest cost is the 2K
HC908QY2 at 0.93.

The 1K parts are the ones without A/D , and 8pin package is the lowest cost

The Texas Instruments MSP430F1101 is a little over $1USD in similar
volumes , and carries a comparator supporting slope A/D in 20pin package,
though uPower the 3V operation is perhaps not as convenient as the 5V
capability of the HC908 from Motorola.

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